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What are the benefits of Central America?

Unlike many overseas janitorial manufacturers, the HeRO Tool Program produces the majority of its products in Central America. Thanks to cheap cotton, Central America is the "cotton capital of the world," and produces more socks and t-shirts than any other region. Often times, regional cotton manufacturers make production mistakes, resulting in unsaleable cotton scrap. The HeRO Tool Program purchases this scrap, and converts it into mop heads and other cleaning aids.

Furthermore, HeRO purchases used soda bottles that are melted down into post-consumer polypropylene. This polypropylene is used to manufacture a wide assortment of mop connectors, broom heads, utility brushes, and other plastic-based janitorial supplies. Not only does this ensure all of our products are 100% recycled, it provides an enormous economic boost to the impoverished local economy. 

Lastly, given the geographic location of Central America, we are able to deliver product to the United States, Canada, and Europe in a fraction of the time required by Chinese manufacturers. This enables our customers to carry less inventory, resulting in significant savings. 

Does HeRO ship product internationally?

Yes! We currently ship 38 counties with customers in the USA, Canada, Europe, South America, Australia, and Asia.

How does your pricing compare to the competition?

We understand the importance of competitive pricing! That's why we have spent years developing a vertical supply chain in which raw materials are sourced directly from post-consumer and post-industrial waste. This means we aren't susceptible to the volatility found in raw material price increases!


This ensures our customers receive consistent, ultra-competitive pricing. Furthermore, with our primary manufacturing facilities located in Central America, customers in North America and Europe can save thousands of dollars in shipping. On average, we save our customers 22.4% annually.

What does HeRO stand for?

HeRO Imports takes its name from the Hunger Relief Organization (HeRO for short). Founded in 1992, the Hunger Relief Organization is a 501(c)3 non-profit that has been providing education and nutritional programs to children across the globe.


Starting in 2006, the HeRO Charity partnered with the Honduran government to construct four schools. In addition to providing primary education, HeRO constructed adjacent kitchens to each school guaranteeing all students received a daily meal. In 2007, HeRO partnered with a third-generation janitorial manufacture to create HeRO Imports. With this partnership, HeRO Imports donates 20% of its net profits to the HeRO Charity. This program was an instant success, and resulted in the subsequent construction of five more feeding centers.

You can learn more about the Hunger Relief Organization (HeRO) by visiting its website:

Does HeRO just manufacturer janitorial supplies, or can you produce other products?

Our primary focus is to produce the highest-quality, most cost-effective janitorial products in the custodial industry. However, we can produce a variety of plastic and paper products for healthcare, foodservice, education, and related industries. Furthermore, we can produce a variety of products including, safety signs, sanitary wrappings, replacement pads for floor care, small wares, consumer cotton products, and chemical bottles/sprayers.

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