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Our vertical supply chain is able to leverage post-consumer and post-industrial waste to produce 100% recycled materials


Our Latin CEO Jessica Lopez Hoskins has been certified EDWOSB - Economically Disadvantaged Women-Owned Small Business. 


20% of all profits generated by HeRO Imports are donated to our namesake charity - the Hunger Relief Organization. Learn more HERE


Thanks to existing connections with distributors, we are able to create an affordable, efficient, and fast global supply chain for our customers. 


Constructed from ultra-dense fibers that are woven into single strands. Microfiber Mops have a superior ability to trap dirt, dust and moisture. Moreover, their innovative construction is far lighter and more absorbent than comparable cotton mops. These characteristics make microfiber mops an excellent choice for scratch sensitive surfaces, intricate tile, restaurants, offices, hotels and healthcare facilities.



Each year thousands of restaurants are sued because slip-and-fall accidents. Many of these lawsuits go to trial, and result in million dollar verdicts. In 2017 alone, the top five slip-and-fall lawsuits resulted in more than $30 million of damages. What's worse is business owners are left with outdated safety and janitorial products that do little towards preventing these types of lawsuits. Protect your customers and staff from these costly accidents by utilizing the HeRO Grease Mop



Due to its convenient geographical location and cost-competitive labor force, Honduras has long held the title of the "Cotton Capital of the World." Producing more finished cotton goods than China, our team is able to purchase cotton, rayon and polyester scrap from the world's premier garment manufacturers. In conjunction with this textile scrap, we purchase thousands of cubic tons of post-consumer soda bottles from the local Honduran community. These post-consumer and post-industrial raw materials allow us to produce certified 100% recycled janitorial products. 



Providing cost-effective, high-quality janitorial products is the cornerstone of HeRO Imports. However, we don't stop there. With a staff prototyping team, in-house mold development facility, and auto-cad specialists, we are able to create customized janitorial products that suit the demanding applications of your business. 


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The folks at HeRO Imports were solutions oriented, and created a customized janitorial supply chain that was perfect for my business.

Bobby Cheney - Dallas, Texas


HeRO Tool Program

Founded in 2007 by father and son team Michael and Christopher Hoskins, HeRO Imports developed the HeRO Tool Program after extensive customer interviews and industry analysis. Dedicated to providing customers with pre-existing custodial products, the HeRO Tool Program has grown to include thirty-nine janitorial tools that are perfect for small to mid-sized enterprises. Learn more about this convenient program by downloading the PDF product catalog below:

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